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Braxton Science & Technology Group


Braxton Science & Technology Group (BSTG) is the parent organization of Braxton Technologies, LLC, Braxton Services Company (BSC), and Space Ground System Solutions (SGSS).  With proven expertise, BSTG companies provide customers a complete solution for all satellite ground needs.  BSTG’s core competencies include hardware, software, enterprise engineering services, and software maintenance and sustainment.  BSTG companies offer proficiency in Command & Control, Satellite Ground Systems, Software Development, Systems Engineering, Cross Domain Data Dissemination, Information Assurance, Cybersecurity, and several other technical areas.  BSTG companies are currently delivering solutions to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), the United States Air Force (USAF), NASA, and NOAA, with a customer base spanning the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and commercial entities.  BSTG is proud to provide integrated solutions designed to meet all satellite ground mission requirements.




Braxton Technologies, LLC, provides products and services to support all elements of satellite operations while bringing expertise in systems engineering, cross domain data dissemination, information assurance, cybersecurity, and other relevant competencies. Braxton provides professional services for government, civil, and commercial customers to deliver Satellite Ground Systems, Command & Control for Ground Operations, and Secure Data Distribution. Braxton deploys Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products and custom software to meet mission requirements. 





SGSS (Space Ground System Solutions) is an engineering services corporation focusing on providing customers with practical state-of-the-art solutions to complex communications, command, control and intelligence systems. SGSS currently provides engineering services to the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in support of spacecraft design, development, integration, and test; satellite pre-launch, launch and mission operations; network design, development, and administration; and terrestrial observation applications for naval field units.





Braxton Services Company (BSC) is an award-winning provider of engineering services and ground system electronics to aerospace programs across civil, commercial, defense, and intelligence sectors, supporting virtually every major space agency in the US and around the globe. BSC is a leading provider of COTS satellite telemetry and command processing systems, satellite integration and test equipment, and ground system design, engineering, and sustainment services.



Areas of Expertise

Command & Control

Satellite Ground Systems


Cross Domain Systems

Scheduling & Optimization

Flight Dynamics


Family of Companies

BSTG combines companies with expertise and products for Command & Control, Satellite Ground Systems, Software Development, Systems Engineering, Cross Domain Data Dissemination, Cybersecurity, Integration, Test & Checkout, and Satellite Operations.